10 Steps To Building A $500,000 Per Year Expert Business

10 Steps To Building A $500,000 Per Year Expert Business

10 Steps To Building A 

$500,000 Per Year 


Building an expert business that does $25,000 to $50,000 a month in revenue is a great example of something that is “simple not easy.”

Interestingly enough, it’s this exact truth that keeps many people stuck.


Because many would be successful experts can’t help themselves when it comes to looking for the “easy” solution that is going to get them to their goals.

Now the struggling expert is not completely to blame for this…

Just scroll through your newsfeed and you’ll find all sorts of people selling you on “easy” solutions that are going to get you to “$10,000 a month in 30 days” or “$100,000 a month” with a magical automated funnel that requires no actual work.

It’s probably no surprise to you that these easy solutions being solid are rarely what they’re cracked up to be.

The good news for you is that as a result of following this space VERY closely as well as building my own successful expert businesses in three different markets and helping countless clients do the same, I know what it REALLY takes to build these types of businesses to the $500,000+ per year mark.

Spoiler alert: much of what you’re about to read are things you’ve probably already heard before.

That’s by design.

When it comes to building a successful expert business, there really is nothing new under the sun.

What follows are 10 steps to getting to the $500,000+ per year mark, that *actually* work.

And if you’re willing to buckle down and Do. The. Work. You’ll soon enjoy your own epic success. 

Here you go…

Step #1:

Decide On Your Market And The Problem You’re Going To Solve

Stop me if you’re heard this one before: you want to start solving ONE problem for ONE particular type of person. Since you probably know this, I’m not going to go into details on why this is super important.

But what I will do is give you some insights on what market to focus on if you’re stuck. My favorite markets are 1) business/entrepreneurship; 2) health and wellness; 3) personal development and 4) career building.

By and large, the people who build multi-six and 7-figure expert businesses the fastest are in these markets.

Of course, it’s very possible to get to over $500,000 per year in other markets, it’s just a bit easier in my experience.

Time needed to complete this step: 2 to 4 hours.

Step #2:

Conduct Client Avatar Research

Do your homework, find out your target prospect’s deepest desires and pain points, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Pretty much every course on how to build an online business or coaching program discusses this one so I won’t go into a ton of detail on it here. Main thing: doing this is always time well spent.

Time needed to complete this step: 2 to 10 hours.

Step #3:

Map Out Your Signature Framework

Alright, now that you know what your prospect’s problems and desires are, it’s time to map out your signature framework that illustrates how you get your clients to where they are now (Point A) to where they want to go (Point B).

I’ve heard this one called you’re Unique Solution, Signature System, Unique Branded System and other things along those lines. They are all basically the same thing.

Yours will typically be based on a series of steps, a series of pillars, or a series of stages.

Common things to call it are the ____ Method/Formula/System/Blueprint. It’s worth spending some time coming up with a cool name for your signature framework.

You can uncover what your steps/pillars/stages are but reverse engineering the actual steps you take your clients through and starting there.

Time needed to complete this step: 1 to 4 hours.

Step #4:

Map Out Your Initial Offer

Alright, we’re *almost* ready to get out there and start selling.

The next thing you need to do is map your actual offer.

If you’re starting without a huge audience, then you’re going to grow the fastest if your start out with a premium offer.

This will typically be a 1-on-1 coaching offer or a hands on done-for-you service.

Your offer is the vehicle by which you take people through your signature framework.

As far as the deliverables of your offer goes (meaning how long it lasts, how many calls, and things like that) to figure this out the question I always ask my clients is:

In real life, how long does it take for your clients to get the result you’re promising?

Personally, I think three to six month arrangements are a great place to start.

When I was starting out I was doing weekly 60 minute calls and that worked really well. Every other week also works great for a lot of people.

Don’t stress about this one. Do what works for you and your clients.

With regards to price, a lot of this really does have to do with your “self-esteem” and confidence to ask for higher prices.

If you’re in a good market, then $1,000 to $3000 per month are good places to start.

Here’s a SUPER tip I got from Adam Urbanski: when you’re starting it’s best to have an offer that you’re SO confident in that it feels like it should be a no brainer to your target market.

Having this kind of confidence will make a big difference when you do your initial sales calls.

For example, when I first started offering one-on-one consulting, I was charging $2000 per month for weekly 60-minute calls.

I did this to get some initial momentum and it worked out really well. Soon after I was charging $5,000 per month. But I definitely did have the confidence to start out at that rate.

Time needed to complete this step: 1 to 3 hours.

Step #5:

Get Your First 10 Clients

Finally, it’s time to start SELLING!

Once you’ve done the first four steps described above (which can be completed in a day or two if you’re fast. Definitely no more than a week) it’s time to get out there and start booking your first ten private clients.

This should be your ONLY focus at this point.

Specifically, you want to be focusing on two things:

  • Doing things to generate sales calls and
  • Making offers

The more offers you make, the faster you’re going to complete this step.

By far the fastest way most people are going to be able to get their first 10 clients will be to use the resources that are already within their reach.

The two best ways I’ve found are tapping into your existing network and doing organic social media marketing.

Here, Client Getting 101 techniques like making a list of 100 people you know who could be good fits for your services or good referral partners and then booking calls with them work wonders.

Going to the right events can also really accelerate your process.

Bonus points if you’re able to do some speaking gigs. Personally, I’ve found that speaking at small group masterminds to be very high leverage.

With organic social media marketing, the main keys are to be PROLIFIC and to get into one-on-one conversations with your more engaged people.

This is definitely a bit of a grind at first, but it’s the most tried and true way of getting that initial momentum that I’ve found.

If you do this, I can practically guarantee you’ll book your first 10 clients within three to six months.

It can even be less if you’re already starting out with some solid credibility and an existing audience to tap into.

(Note: if you’re COMPLETELY allergic to doing anything 1-on-1, then you can skip to step 6. However, I highly recommend you go through this step.

Working with clients 1-on-1 is going to be the fastest way to increase your revenue and will also help you really master your results-getting framework that you’re eventually going to scale beyond working with privately clients.)

One thing I need to point out there is that at this point, you’ll have to be a flexible as to what your actual offer is.

As you talk to more people and make more offers you’ll get a sense of what they want and what really sells.

Once you figure that out, it’s time to go ALL IN and make that offer to as many qualified people as possible.

One final note here: you’re going to have to learn how to do sales calls here.

The most important tip I can give here is to find a solid sales call structure and stick to it.

If you need more support on this check out Anthony Aramini’s material. He’s got great stuff when it comes to selling well in a non-sleazy, ethical way.

Time needed to complete this step: 2 to 6 months.

Step #6:

Do An Audience Building Campaign

We’re moving right along here!

We have our first 10 clients, solid revenue coming, an offer that SELLS, and some solid momentum.

By now you should be making anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 a month, which is super awesome. You’ve essentially built a 6-figure business!

Nice work.

Of course, success breeds new and different problems we need to solve.

At this point, you’re pretty busy with clients and you’re making money, but you most likely need a bigger audience if you’re going to get to the $500,000+ per year mark.

So audience building is the order of the day here.

We have quite a few options here when it comes to audience building, both organic and paid.

Some good paid options include:

  • Facebook / Instagram advertising 
  • YouTube Advertising 
  • Google Ads (display and search)
  • Which one you choose depends on your market.
  • But despite the rising costs of FB ads, it’s still a good place to start for most expert businesses if you’re going the paid route.
  • Organic options include:
  • Organic Facebook (including using your personal page, launching a group, and using your biz page)
  • Instagram 
  • Blogging and SEO (including Medium and guest blogging)
  • Speaking 
  • Networking 
  • Pinterest 
  • Interviews

Main note here is that you want to create one good lead magnet to start with and get good at one or two lead generation strategies and really focus on them.

Your goal here is to get your first 1000 subscribers.

You’ll actually be in pretty good shape with 500 subscribers, but 1000 is ideal. So let’s focus on that goal.

Once you’ve hit that magical 1000 subscriber number, then it’s time to move on to the next step.

Time needed to complete this step: 2 to 6 months.

Step #7:

Launch Your High End Group Program

By now you have a solid base of audience, some solid authority, and (hopefully) quite a few happy and successful clients.

This is awesome. At the same time, you’re probably finding yourself working a lot and you’re pretty much maxed out with 1-on-1 clients.

You’re now in a good position to raise your 1-on-1 rates, which will give your revenue a bump. And it’s definitely time to switch to something a bit more leveraged.

In other words, it’s time to launch your first high end group program.

With your group program, essentially you’ll be taking people through the same framework as you have been doing with your 1-on-1 clients, only you’ll be doing it in a group format instead.

Lots of options here. I like 90-day, 6-month, and one year programs personally.

If you’re at the earlier stages and don’t yet have a ton of authority, then you’ll find that shorter-length programs (6 to 12 weeks) are easier to sell.

As far as how to launch your group program, one great strategy I first learned from my friend and super client Luisa Zhou is to do a challenge that takes place inside a FB group that culminates with a webinar.

You can also do other types of webinars and email-based promotions where your goal is to get people on calls.

I have a 3-day 7-Figure Launch Intensive that goes into a ton of detail on all things launches, but obviously I can’t get into all those details here .

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind here when it comes launching your first group program is that you’re still going to have to hustle a bit: going that extra mile and engaging in 1-on-1 conversations on FB messenger, through email, and then on the phone is going to work wonders.

Time needed to complete this step: 1.5 to 3 months.

Step #8:

Scale Your High End Group Program

As a result of launching your high end group program, you’ve gotten a good infusion of cash you can use to further grow business by using it to add a team member or two, advertising, going to some higher end events, upleveling your branding and things along those lines.

You also should have reached a new level of credibility and exposure with this initial launch.

Your next big focus should be two fold: you’ll want to continue building your audience and authority and you’ll want to look into really scaling your group program.

This will also be a good time to raise your pricing on your 1-on-1 services once again.

If you have a solid base of one-on-one clients, the addition of this group program should put you close to that $500,000 per year level.

To be making $500,000 per year, that’s $41,666 per month.

So for example if you’re already doing $20,000 per month with one-on-one clients, selling four of your 5K programs per month will get you there.

Having said that, this may be a good time to start scaling down your 1-on-1 client load and focusing more on the group.

The overall idea here is that, once you have a winning group offer you’re going to want to focus on selling that for the next 6 to 12 months.

This will definitely get you to that $41,666 per month mark if you’re not there already.

As far as how you scale it, first, look at how you’ve been generating leads and clients up this point and then double down on those efforts.

In addition, you’ll now be in a good position to build a proper “funnel” and scale through paid advertising.

And as you scale your group program, you’d also be wise to execute consistent marketing events (a.k.a. launches and mini-launches) to your existing audience on a regular basis.

Finally, as all this is going on you’re going to want to continue building your audience and authority using the tactics and strategies described above.

Time needed to complete this step: 6 to 12 months.

Step #9:

Launch A Course

So this one is actually more a bonus step and preview of coming attractions.

In real life life, you’re probably going to be able to get to the $500,000 per year mark with just a one-on-one offering and a high end group program.

Regardless, at some point it’s a good idea to launch some kind of a lower-end offering to get more people into your world and further scale your efforts.

So this is the point when you’re going to want to start thinking about launching some kind of a course.

I suggest starting with your flagship course based on your main framework. This will generally be something in the $200 to $2000 range depending on the market.

Tip: start by launching your flagship course to your internal audience before you venture into doing a big partner launch.

Time needed to complete this step: 2 to 4 months.

Step #10:

Go Big

Okay, so now we’ve been in business for over a year… we have an existing audience, happy clients, flagship offers and we’re well over the $500,000 per year mark!


You did it.

VERY few people who start an online business get to this point.

Of course, there is ALWAYS room to grow and post likely you have visions of going BIG and reaching millions of people and making an even bigger global impact.

You’re now in position to do just that.

At this point you’re going to want to look into doing things like writing and launching a book, doing a big partner launch, upleveling your media presence, doing Ted Talks and things like that.

You’ll also have the funds to really invest in scaling your team and in additional advertising.

Basically, now it’s time for you to REALLY step into the big leagues.

With the foundational aspects we put in place with steps one through nine, you’re now more than ready to do this.

As Bruce Dickinson artfully said one of my favorite Maiden songs…

Your Time Has Come!

Time needed to complete this step: 1 to 10 years.

So we’ve just gone over the 10 steps it takes to build a $500,000+ per year expert business.

As you can see, the steps themselves are quite simple and straightforward.

The thing that trips many people up is the execution of these steps.

Instead of just Following. The. Recipe that is laid out for you, many people try to skip steps and do things in the wrong order.

And as a result they keep spinning their wheels and never build a successful business.

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to stay focused and commit to Doing The Work that is going to get you to where you want to go… and then some.

I know you have what it takes to build an amazing business. All you have to do is follow the steps, stay consistent, be antifragile, and keep moving.

As always, the best time to get started is NOW.

Let’s get to work!

Talk soon.


Phil Powis Case Study

Phil Powis Case Study

How A Rookie Marketing Consultant “Cracked the Code” on Cold Traffic And is On Pace for a 7-Figure Business



Phil was brand new to online marketing. He wanted to help doctors attract new patients with social media but didn’t have a reliable process to do it.

Working with Ron

Phil discovered how to zero in on “hot” leads and turn them into customers by “slowing the sale.”


In less than a year, Phil quadrupled his income and is on pace to have a 7-figure business. He has a proven method that keeps him in high-demand and lets him live the lifestyle he wants.

“I wanted to move faster…”

Phil is a successful marketing consultant on pace to have a 7-figure business. His retreats in Costa Rica sell out months in advance. And the more success he has, the more time he has to travel with his wife, Janice. But a year ago, Phil had no business at all. At that time, he was brand new to online marketing. He only started because he wanted to help his wife, who is a hearing doctor, get more patients through online advertising. (You can visit their site hearingexpertsalliance.com) He had no following, no retreats, and hardly any clients. As he says:

“I started in 2017. I had a few clients, but I was just dabbling. Most people I worked with were friends in the industry.”

Phil describes his situation before finding Ron

“My ego was put in check…”

He began to have success helping his wife get customers online. And he decided to offer a live retreat for doctors who wanted to grow their practice. He set the retreat date for February 2018. Then poured thousands of dollars into it and started to promote it. But nobody bought. Even worse, he discovered the client-attraction methods he used with his clients were failing. He brought them leads. But those leads weren’t buying.

“I felt like a hotshot at first. Then my ego was put in check when my wife said: ‘Yeah, but only some of these are good.’

So she would waste an afternoon talking with leads who didn’t need her services.”

Phil shares how his marketing system was failing.

“I didn’t want the shame of canceling my retreat…”

With his retreat only 6 months away, Phil needed two things:

  1. Fix his client-attraction system. So he could build a thriving practice using this same formula over and over.
  2. Fill his retreat. So he wouldn’t have to feel the shame of canceling. Or lose all the money he already spent on it.

Sales page for Phil’s retreat.

Phil knew if he found someone who already accomplished what he wanted to do, it would shortcut his success. He didn’t want another online course. But personal support to help with his specific challenges.

“You can find tons of training online. But I wanted personalized, customized support. And someone who understands the nuances of what I want to do.”

He heard about Ron Reich from his wife’s business partner. So he sent Ron a message asking for help. After a quick call, they decided to have bi-weekly meetings for 3 months.

“I had no hesitation about working with Ron. I saw lots of proof he gets results. And he’s not ‘markety.’ Talking with him feels like you’re talking to a normal dude who’s sharing great stuff.”

Phil shares why he decided to work with Ron

“Month over month, we get leads raising their hands…”

The first thing they worked on was optimizing Phil’s system for getting clients. Ron taught Phil pieces of his “Buyer Attraction System.” This helped Phil to not only hone in on who his best customers were, but also the best way to communicate with them. One of the techniques Phil learned was to “slow the sale.” Instead of offering people a chance to sign up for an appointment right away, he had them fill out a questionnaire. The answers the leads gave determined what Phil would send them next.

“We had them go through a pre-registration process. How they replied determined what we would offer. Now we’re pulling leads in instead of pushing them to buy.”

Phil describes how “slowing the sale” attracted quality leads

“Once I nailed the formula, my business exploded…”

Phil implemented the pre-registration process into his wife’s business. The results blew them both away. The vast majority of the leads he brought in became customers. Over the course of a year, Janice’s already-successful practice grew by 40%! And that was just the start. Now that they had “cracked the code,” Ron helped Phil systemize his offer. So he could get repeatable, predictable results for his clients.

“My consulting business grew by 4x in a year. Ron helped me get the models and process right. Now I have a systemized offer that’s a 90-day turnkey program. And I know how to speak effectively about it to clients.”

“I was most nervous when I sold the first tickets…”

Once Phi’s process began to work, he turned his attention to the retreat. This was the scariest part of the journey. He only had a few weeks until it started. And he only sold a handful of tickets. But the advice he got from Ron showed him the light at the end of the tunnel. Together, they worked on positioning, pricing, timing the offer, email frequency and more.

“I’d write emails and landing pages, and Ron offered feedback and helped me dial my message in. It was very helpful having someone skilled giving you feedback.”

The result? 18 people signed up for Phil’s retreat. This brought in $50,000 in revenue. And the event was a massive success. It became a springboard that launched Phi’s career even further. When he announced his next retreat, he sold out all 30 seats 4 months in advance.

“I was nervous the whole way up. But we managed to sell 18 people off a list of 200. And we already sold out the next one.”

Phil shares how this retreat was the “catalyst” for his business

Phil’s retreat in Costa Rica

“I’m on pace for a million-dollar business…”

In a little over a year, Phil went from just starting out to earning as much as a doctor. And he’s on pace to earn 7-figures next year.

“A year ago having a million-dollar business didn’t seem feasible. But in 2019 I’ll be able to accomplish that. I already have the plan written out.”

Phil nailed down the processes for his business. So he’s able to deliver a quality service to clients while spending most of his time in his “zone of genius”. Now, he’s deciding where to go next with his business. And looking forward to the lifestyle that’s available to him now — including a lot more travel.

“I want to do extended trips and stay somewhere for a few months. If I get the right team in place, I won’t need to work as much.”

Phil and his wife Janice in Costa Rica

“I’ve got Ron and these other Superhumans…”

Along with one-on-one coaching, Phil has also gone to Ron’s 7-figure Launch intensive. And more recently, joined Ron’s A-Players Inner Circle. So now, he doesn’t just get Ron’s advice and feedback, he gets insight from a whole group of successful entrepreneurs.

“Not only do you get Ron, you get another group of superhumans doing cool things. It amplifies the experience.”

Phil, and 17 other A-Players at Ron’s Mastermind in Medellin

Apply for the A-Players Inner Circle Today

If you want the same kind of personalized guidance Phil had, the A-Players Inner Circle is for you. It’s the only place you can tap into Ron’s decades of experience growing multiple 6, 7, and 8 figure-businesses. (As well as leading multi-million dollar product launches.) This is a small, intimate group where you get plenty of personal attention. And you can easily double or triple your profits this year. Space is limited. Click below to apply.

Luisa Zhou Case Study

Luisa Zhou Case Study

Launches Are Dead?  Not quite. Here’s How One Coach Just Had a $790,124 Launch…

Behind-the-Scenes of a $790,124 Launch



Luisa needed to have a big product launch. But she was worried her audience was tired of her offer — and sick of launches in general.

Working with Ron

She discovered how to make her product feel new and exciting. Plus, a few tweaks to add serious revenue once her cart opened.


Luisa made over $790,124 from her launch. This reinvigorated her passion for her business. And set it up to grow in new, exciting ways.

“People kept saying “launches are dead”

Luisa Zhou teaches people how to become entrepreneurs. She launched her first $3,000 course in 2017 and made multiple six-figures. The next year, she wanted a million-dollar launch. But those around her insisted she try something else. As Luisa says:
“People kept saying ‘launches are dead.’ I heard that over and over”.
Luisa began to doubt that she could replicate her success.
“I was afraid my list was tired of the program. They’ve seen it too many times and don’t care about it.” Since most of her revenue came from launches, she knew she had to make this work. Otherwise, it would be a disaster for her business.

Luisa shares the struggle she had before Ron.


“Am I going to get value out of this?

Luisa knew she needed help. She kept hearing about all the different coaches and methods she could use. But the one name that came up over and over again was Ron Reich.
“I heard about Ron from people I respected. I kept hearing about him from all these angles. Then Selena Soo shared a Facebook post about how she was working with Ron. She said he was great and helped her get to that next level.”
Luisa doubted he could help that much. But she realized one idea could create a massive breakthrough in her business. So after seeing Selena’s post, she signed up for Ron’s 7-Figure Launch Intensive. This is his 3-day workshop where he teaches a handful of entrepreneurs his “Excalibur Method” for a massively successful launch.

Hear why Luisa chose to work with Ron.

“It’s the little ideas that make a big difference”

Early on, Ron relieved her fear that “launches were dead.” He explained how they’ve been going on for decades. And how they’re no different than the marketing campaigns you see from companies like Apple or Starbucks.
“Ron talked about how having a great launch is about holding yourself to a higher standard. The cream will rise to the top.”
Luisa found it extremely helpful to get a 3rd perspective on her launch plan. Especially from someone with so much hands-on experience.

Luisa shares what it’s like working with Ron.

By the end, she knew there was still more to learn. So she signed up for one-on-one coaching with Ron. They met on the phone every other week for three months before her launch. On these calls, she got even more guidance on how to blend the Excalibur Methodwith her existing launch strategy. Right away, she found the answer to her biggest problem: how to make her offer feel “new”.

“I got off every call with exciting things to implement”

Ron helped Luisa revamp her messaging. He showed her what made her business successful. And how the relationships she built was what separated her from everyone else teaching the same thing. So he suggested she make her pre-launch videos about relationships. This would help her play to her strengths and stand out from the competition.
“Everyone talks about building lists. Ron said, “let’s focus on what separates you.” So I taught my methods for creating relationships instead of list-building.”
Luisa was excited by this new angle. It gave her audience a fresh perspective on what she was selling. And helped her avoid talking about the same thing over and over. But they weren’t done there. One of the next things they worked on was fixing Luisa’s high-ticket offer. In the past, Luisa sold a one-on-one coaching upsell for $10,000. But she hardly promoted it. It was just tacked on to her main sales page as an afterthought. So Ron showed her how to use his special “High-Ticket Upsell Sequence”. A week after buying, her customers would get an email showing them the value of one-on-one coaching. Simply setting this up was a big confidence boost for Luisa.
“I had a coaching upsell, but it was just something I threw out. Ron helped me make it more systemized. It felt so much better to do that than to just have people find me.”
A third change was the open-cart bonuses Luisa sent her list during sales week. Luisa had used bonuses in the past, but they never seemed to work. Ron helped her make them more enticing. Then showed her a way to deliver them so she’d get more sales early.
“In the past, I had bonuses that expired at the end of the week. I had never done a one-day or 48-hour bonus mid-week. The first bonus was a group call with me. That was only available on the first day. Then we had another 48 hour bonus mid-week.”
Everything was in place for Luisa to have a 7-figure launch But then, she hit a major roadblock…

“I sat down and cried…”

Luisa had done the math. She knew she needed 10,000 new leads to have a one-million-dollar launch. But there was a problem. The cost per lead on Facebook had skyrocketed. That, plus a few other lead-generation issues meant she only got half as many new subscribers as she planned. This could have been a disaster. But her new messaging created a ton of buzz during her pre-launch phase. And her new “fast action” bonus pushed people over the fence right away. So when she opened the cart, sales came pouring in.
“We were at $150,000 in sales when I went to sleep Monday. Then I woke up Tuesday and saw all these sales came through. We hit $300,000 by the second day of cart-open. When I saw that, I sat down and cried. All the fear I had that people didn’t like launches, didn’t like my program, and that my audience was tired of me went away.”

Luisa shares the struggle she had before Ron.

“Half our sales came from cold traffic”

Luisa didn’t have the same desperate, frantic energy she had in previous launches. Because she made over $300,000 by day two of sales week. So she was able to relax and enjoy the rest of her cart-open phase. By the end, nearly 200 people paid $3,000 for her course. And half of them came from cold traffic. On top of that, 17 people purchased her $10,000 upsell. This was huge, since she had never sold more than 10 spots before. In total, she made over $790,124 from her launch. Considering she only got half as many leads as planned, Luisa considers it her best launch to-date.

“Launches are a bad business plan”

Luisa was thrilled with her results. But she knew relying on launches to grow a business wasn’t a good strategy. So she asked Ron to help her create a plan to grow her business. Together, they outlined a strategy that fit Luisa’s goals. For example, they decided to break her $3,000 flagship course down into smaller offers. These less expensive programs would be a “feeder” system to her main course. After they bought all that, she would offer her high-ticket coaching program. They’re going to evergreen the entire process. So Luisa won’t have to depend on launches. And will instead have a steady flow of sales coming in daily.
“Before I was struggling to see how everything I was doing fit together. But Ron helped with my big picture strategy. Now I have a clear plan for my business. I’m not just scrambling to make money.”

“I’m moving faster than ever”

This clarity has reinvigorated her love for her business. She’s excited about what she’s doing. And sees a path to grow and help more people. So she just signed up for another 6-months of coaching with Ron.
“I love being able to bounce ideas off Ron. Each call I say: ‘Here’s what I’m thinking for the next offer or campaign, I’d love your feedback.’ He adds new ideas that get me excited. Then I come up with more ideas and it’s this awesome spiral. I feel I’m having more fun, being more creative, and moving faster than ever.”

Limited time: Join the A-Players Inner Circle

Want to take your launches and business to the next level? For a limited time, Ron is accepting applications into his A-Players Inner Circle. In this 6-month program, he coaches you through his “Excalibur Method” that can double or triple your launch revenue. You’ll also map out and execute a plan to grow your business beyond launches. So you can have strong, steady cash flow through high-ticket and continuity offers. This isn’t some “one-size-fits-all” program. Everything is tailored to you and your business. Click below to apply.
Isa Herrera Case Study

Isa Herrera Case Study

Isa Herrera Case Study

How A Struggling Online Entrepreneur Broke Through
With Her First 6-Figure Launch

Isa Herrera


Isa had done 8 launches but none of them made over $50,000. She needed better results but didn’t know what to do.

Working with Ron

Using the “Excalibur Method”, she doubled her list and made a more personal connection with her audience.


Within two months, Isa had her first 6-figure launch. Now, she has financial stability and is confident she can hit her goal of healing 1 million women.



“Why can’t I break the $50,000 mark?”

Isa built an offline business helping women eliminate pelvic pain.

She moved it online so she could help more people. But she hit a major roadblock.

The only way to make money online Isa knew about was launches. So she did do one after another. These brought in $25,000-$50,000 at a time.

This was fine at first. But she had loads of expenses and staff to pay. She soon realized if she didn’t earn 6-figures from her launch, her business could be in trouble.

“I kept doing the same thing, but it wasn’t working. My family couldn’t live off what I was making. And I had a responsibility to support my staff who has been with me all these years.”

“I already spent $100,000 on coaching…”

Having built a successful offline business, Isa knew the fastest way to grow was to hire a mentor. She spent two years jumping from one business coach or program to another. She invested over $100,000, but nothing helped. Then a friend recommended she work with Ron. At first, she was skeptical. But after one phone call, she changed her mind.
“Ron told me what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do. He painted a picture of the process, and it resonated with me.” I had worked with so many coaches who let me down. But I felt like Ron had my back. Working with a mentor who has your back is going to inspire you to be better. And Ron is that person.”

“The Excalibur Method is pure gold…”

Ron told Isa she was suffering from “launch exhaustion.” She needed to keep launching to bring in revenue and pay the bills. But she didn’t know what she was doing or how to launch properly. So she kept making the same mistakes. So he showed her how to take her launches to the next level using the Excalibur Method.
“Ron gave me a strategic plan for how to move forward. I got so many ideas from him that I just wanted to work all the time.”
First, he helped Isa nail her messaging. Then, he laid out the launch strategies that would help her the most. One of the key steps for Isa was to build a network of affiliates. So she could get quality leads and ramp up her sales. Isa didn’t have much experience with this. So Ron introduced her to potential partners. Then he showed her how to get them to promote her course.
Ron made serious connections that helped me get affiliates who believed in my mission. He’d say “let me hook you up with this person. Then he showed me how to talk to affiliates, keep them engaged, and get them to mail for me. He has a whole process for that.”

“The videos worked like crazy…”

With new leads coming in, Isa needed a way to connect with them fast. For that, Ron helped her implement another part of the Excalibur Method: The Brainwashing Sequence. These are a series of videos that go live before any pre-launch content or “PLC” training videos. They’re designed to get your audience to rally behind your mission. Isa was shocked by the results.
“I did the pre-pre-launch videos Ron taught me. They weren’t perfect, but they worked like crazy.   Before, my videos would only get about 500 views. But one of them got over 100,000!   They helped me make myself a real person in the eyes of my audience.”
isa video

Isa’s video got over 112,000 views

“I cried when I hit six figures…”

Two months after she began working with Ron, Isa launched her flagship product. She had an army of affiliates promoting her. And an entirely new launch sequence and strategy. The results? Her list grew from ~10,000 to 20,000+. And she made well over 6-figures in revenue.
When I realized I hit 6-figures. I threw myself on the floor and cried. Because I knew the possibility of more was in my reach.   It validated that I made the right decision in taking my business online. I knew my family wouldn’t starve and I’d be able to support the team that’s been with me for so long.”
Even more exciting, Isa knows this wasn’t a one-time event. Because now she knows how to have a massively successful launch. So she can repeat the process and get even better results next time.
My next launch is going to supercharge everything. I have so many ideas on how to make it even better. I predict within one year I’ll be at the 7-figure mark. It won’t be a problem because I know what works now.”

“What do I do now?”

The results were exciting. But Ron reminded Isa that a launch isn’t a business model — it’s an event. So instead of diving into yet-another launch, he showed her how to capitalize on the success she just had. And use that momentum to grow her business in other ways. He helped her apply his Genius Profit System to her business. This is a process to grow your business with high-ticket and continuity programs (as well as launches.) For a high-ticket program, Ron had Isa create a coaching offer. She had never done anything like that before. But it was an instant success and sold-out immediately.
“Ron taught me how to do one-on-one coaching, which sold like hotcakes when we offered it.”

Isa’s high-ticket coaching program brought in $100,000+ in revenue

With that in place, they’re now putting together an evergreen program for stable, recurring revenue.
“I went to Ron and asked, “What’s next?”   He told me to create a program to help professionals who want to start a cash-based business. I had done that for a decade but never thought about teaching it. He’s helping me create that.”

“I will never stop working with Ron…”

Isa’s goal is to heal 1 million women so they no longer suffer from pelvic pain. Now that she has a mentor, she feels it will be possible.
“When you work with Ron, you have an advantage your competitors can’t touch. I’ll never stop working with him.”

Take your next launch to new levels

Want to get the same help Isa had? If so, the A-Players Inner Circle is for you. This is a 6-month coaching program where Ron walks you through the Excalibur Method and Genius Profit System. And he helps you apply them to your business. So you can double or triple your profits this year. It’s is a small, intimate group where you get plenty of personal attention. Space is limited. Click below to to apply.
Boris Enzel Case Study

Boris Enzel Case Study

Boris Enzel Case Study

How Boris Took His Info Product Business From $500,000 to $2,400,000 Within 2.5 Years




Boris’ had been stuck at the mid-6-figure mark for four years. He knew that if he didn’t innovate, his business would eventually fall apart.

Working with Ron

He used the Genius Profit System to create higher-end products, upsell sequences,  and refine his launches.


Boris blew past the 7-figure mark the following year, then hit $2.4 million the year after. Though his business is exploding, he still spends up to 4 months at a time vacationing with his family.



“I was stuck in the mid 6-figure mark for years…”

Boris built a $500,000/year business in the online dating market in France

He was looking to grow the business to 7-figures. Because he knew that if the company didn’t evolve, it would eventually crumble.

“Stagnating in business is never good. Either you’re growing or your shrinking. You’re going to go down if you don’t reinvent yourself.”

Boris explains how he needed help








“Doing more of the same wasn’t working…”

Boris tried everything to hit the 7-figure mark.

First, he focused on increasing SEO traffic and selling ebooks. That’s the strategy that got him to where he was. But it didn’t help. He realized that to hit the next level he would have to do something different.

Next, he tried to partner with affiliates. But they weren’t interested.

Then he bought courses and hired marketing coaches.

But none of them gave him a clear, customized plan that worked for his business

“I tried to grow but couldn’t find the formula. I was always doing more of the same, and it wasn’t working. I got to $500,000/year but couldn’t take it further.”

“I had a clear vision of what to do…”

Boris had been in the same mastermind group as Ron. He read his posts and was impressed by his insights.

When he discovered Ron was taking on coaching clients, he jumped at the opportunity.

“I didn’t have any fear about working with Ron. I’d seen his stuff and knew he was a super genius marketer.”

In August 2015, they began to meet twice a month over the phone.

Right away, Borris got what he had been missing for four years: A clear strategy for how to grow his business.

“Ron had a super clear plan for what to do over the next 6-12 months to hit that million-dollar mark. I knew what to do in what order. I had never seen that with another coach.”

“I had my first $100,000 month…”

Ron began to walk Boris through his Genius Profit System. This is the blueprint he created to help businesses grow through launches, high-ticket offers, and continuity programs.

For Boris, the first step was to get to know his customers better.

With these insights, he was able to release products that fit their specific needs.

Then, he had Boris create higher-ticket video products instead of the cheaper ebooks he had been selling.

The results were immediate. Within 60-days of working with Ron, Boris had a record-breaking month.

“After two months working with Ron, I had my first $100,000 month. I had never beaten $62,000 before that.”

“We finally hit 7-figures…”

Next, Ron changed the way Boris did launches.

In the past, they were sporadic. Boris would do six launches in six months, then nothing for the rest of the year.

Ron got him on a monthly launch schedule.

Then gave him the knowledge and strategy to take them to the next level.

“We worked on things like upsell sequences and copywriting. Conversions got better and our average order value almost doubled. Working on all these variables at the same time blew the company to another stratosphere.”

As a result, Borris hit his goal.

After four years struggling to break the 7-figure barrier, he made over one-million dollars his first year working with Ron.

“I was afraid my business model would fail, and it did…”

Eventually, the organic SEO traffic and ebook sales that were the foundation of Boris’ business stopped working.

This could have been a disaster.

But because he and Ron had built his business in other ways — such as finding new traffic sources and creating continuity programs — Boris wasn’t affected.

In fact, his revenue soared even as his old methods fell apart.

“The old stuff that used to make me revenue shrank. But my business was exploding in all these other ways to make up for it.”

After hitting the $1,000,000 mark the first full year with Ron, Boris’ business hit $2,400,000 the next. And he’s on target to make $3,000,000 in 2018.

Boris and Ron have had bi-weekly calls for nearly three years. And Boris has no intention of stopping. He’s still using Ron’s advice and continues to lean on him for new ways to grow.

“Ron is an exceptional coach. And he wants you to succeed. He goes beyond the job description of a coach to make things happen.”

“I had four months of vacation last year…”

Growing his business has allowed Boris to hire top talent. As a result, he’s able to focus on the work he loves — and let his employees do the rest.

His company has grown by leaps and bounds. But he’s still able to spend plenty of time with his wife and son.

“Last year, I took 16 weeks of vacation with family. I’ve had more time with them and more time to work on what I love.”

Next, Boris wants to scale to $5,000,000. Then $10,000,000.

But for Boris, the numbers are just symbolic. They show he’s doing something right. And that he’s making a bigger difference in the world.

“Growth means impacting more people. Helping them transform, reach their goals, and become the person they aspire to be. One of the great joys of being an infopreneur is being able to touch more people with these products.”

“I had never seen that with another coach…”

So what was it like to work with Ron?

And should you?

Boris shares his overall thoughts and takeaways in the video below:

Want help scaling your business?

Once Boris had a clear strategy for how to grow his business, profits exploded.

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It’s a 6-month coaching package where Ron helps you apply his Genius Profit System to your business. So you can double or triple revenue this year.

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